Understanding Collage and Steps to Make it

A collage is a two-dimensional creation or work of art that is made by combining or pasting pieces, fragments, or pieces of material on an image to produce a new shape.

Quoted from the book "Collage Dolls - Paper Doll Creations" by Revi Devi Paat, the word "collage" comes from the French coller which means to glue.

Understanding Collage and Steps to Make it

Understanding Collage and Steps to Make it

Making collage art requires creativity and ideas that are more difficult than making other works of art, because you have to find materials that are specific and suitable for making collages.

Then how do you combine one material with another.

A variety of materials can be used to make a collage, such as magazine or newspaper pages, ribbons, scraps of cloth, photographs. But the material most often used is paper scrap.

So, detikers are curious about how to make a collection of used goods into a new work of art? The following are tools and materials, as well as techniques for making collages.

Tools and Materials for Making Collages

In general, the main equipment needed is:

1. Cutting tools: knife, scissors, cutter, saw, pliers and so on.

2. Adhesives: paper glue, vinyl adhesive, white/PVC glue, plastic glue, sewing needle and thread, and other types of adhesive (depending on the type of material).

Collage works can be made using a variety of techniques. Techniques for making collages, including:

1. Tear technique

2. Scissors technique

3. Cutting technique

4. Raft technique

5. Adhesive technique

6. Sewing technique

7. Tie technique

Various methods are also combined with some of the techniques above, such as:

1. Overlapping / overlapping.

2. Repetition / repetition (repetition).

3. Spatial arrangement.

4. Composition/combination of various types of textures from various materials.

The elements of collage art are:

A point is the smallest element that has no length and width. Point elements can be created from sea sand grains.

A line is a collection of several points and can be formed from pieces of wire, sticks, matchsticks and threads

Field is a confluence of several lines

Color is an element that can be realized from paint, ribbon, colored paper and colorful fabrics

Steps to make a collage

1. Think of a collage concept

Before making a collage, you need to think about the concept of the collage to be made. You can create collages with photos, stickers, fabrics, seeds and many other things. It is better if these objects are different to make them look more attractive.

2. Choose the right background

Start looking and choosing the right backdrop. A collage is a few objects pasted on a background. So try to match the background material with the objects that you will attach to the background.

3. Prepare materials and tools to make a collage

After determining the concept and background, the next step is to prepare the materials and tools to make the collage. Start collecting the objects to be attached to the setting.

4. Start creating a collage

After the materials and tools for making collages are collected. Start creating a collage by neatly cropping the background to the size you want. After that, stick the objects. Then arrange creations according to what you conceptualize.

5. Let the collage dry

When you've finished sticking all the objects on the background, the next step is to let the collage dry. Try not to constantly touch the collage while the glue is still wet. This is so that the collage stays in accordance with the initial creation and does not shift objects that have been pasted on the background.

Thus the discussion about the meaning of collage art and how to make it. Hopefully it can be a reference and help your learning process.

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