Understanding Collage and Steps to Make it

A collage is a two-dimensional creation or work of art that is made by combining or pasting pieces, fragments, or pieces of material on an image to produce a new shape. Quoted from the book "Collage Dolls - Paper Doll Creations" by Revi Devi Paat, the word "collage" comes from the French coller which means to glue. Understanding Collage and Steps to Make it Making collage art requires creativity and ideas that are more difficult than making other works of art, because you have to find materials that are specific and suitable for making collages. Then how do you combine one material with another. A variety of materials can be used to make a collage, such as magazine or newspaper pages, ribbons, scraps of cloth, photographs. But the material most often used is paper scrap. So, detikers are curious about how to make a collection of used goods into a new work of art? The following are tools and materials, as well as techniques for making collages. Tools and Materials fo